YYovvo’s story

yyovvo started as a small brick and mortar gift shop. From this small shop, many lessons were learnt. Gift shopping is emotional, social and interactive. Quite often we are shopping and gifting for a special event with lifetime memories such as weddings or a new baby. In our small gift shop, we would spend hours chatting to clients and grew some very fond relationships. When we did not stock products that a client was looking for we would direct them to other gift shops nearby and they would also do likewise. This was a real life example that true empowerment and success comes through collaboration and networking. This is why when the time came to move yyovvo online, we knew we had to make it an open marketplace for all sellers. There are a lot of emotions, thoughts and feelings around the process of buying and gifting, and we wanted to embrace all of this into the world of yyovvo. When we created yyovvo, we did not want it to be a mere vending machine that buyers would plug in their money and, wala, they get their product, and the seller comes to empty the coin jar. We wanted to create something different, something with a strong community connotation and a human touch! A place where buyers do not only come to buy and sellers do not only come to sell, but come for something much more. We want to create somewhere to discuss, share, get ideas, give ideas, comment, laugh, make friends, grow your business, smile, connect, collaborate, encourage, sympathise, shed a tear, be entertained, entertain, have fun and much more, quite like in the little gift shop where it all begun. In the yyovvo-community, you will find in-depth discussions about gifts, the occasions, the events and our relationships with the people we shop and buy for. This, is the world of yyovvo, and this is why we say it is not just a marketplace, it is a community! Welcome to yyovvo, The People’e Gift Shop.