Wedding Gift Guide 2022

Not sure what to buy the happy couple? We’ve got you covered.

Wedding season is upon us and it feels all the more special this year as many people faced cancelled weddings and postponed engagements. Now, as part of the healing process all of us can rejoice in a good wedding and probably lose that all-knowing dread we used to feel after the fifth wedding invite we’d usually receive by midway June. However, we all know that shopping for the perfect wedding gift isn’t easy, so to free you from any extra worry over what to buy, we will share with you the best gift ideas which we think are perfect for any prospective newlywed couple no matter their style.

1. Coffee Machine​


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You can’t go wrong with this trademark gift, especially with the ample choice readily available online. It’s a great gift for coffee lovers and you have the most stylish products to choose from. There are the super sleek (and pricey) Nespresso machines or the Bosch Tassimo coffee machines which offer budget friendly and look oh so sophisticated. De'Longhi also have some impressive machines that will elevate any kitchen.

2. Photo Frames​


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Opting for a gorgeous frame is an elegant and beautiful way to display those special moments from their big their day. It might seem like this gift has been overdone but The White Company showcase a few that really set themselves apart from the rest. They have options ranging anywhere from £25 to £300 but the Triple Aperture Hinged Fine Silver photo frame steals the show with its silver-plated stainless steel and timeless design. You can also find some lovely frames on Etsy where you have ample creators who craft custom made frames to suit any couple, like this Personalised frame from Pretty Little Laser Co. Which starts from only £10.99.

3. His and Hers​


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You can easily reach for matching robes but why stop there? With so many online shopping destinations the level of creativity is endless. Thinking outside the box is key here and if you know the couple well, it is a lot easier to know what they will keep and use. If they love to dine in and spend quality time with one another, these wine bottle coolers from Marble Tree really add a personal and special touch to date nights at home. If they love travelling or are about to go on their honeymoon, matching passport covers are not only a sweet way to coordinate with their loved one but to be organised too. Katie Loxton’s Bridal Passport Cover Gift Set is a great buy and available widely online at £29.99. For low key couples who you know enjoy a lovely cup of tea on duvet day, these personalised Mr & Mrs Wedding Mugs sold by BabyBluuCo on Etsy are a must, they are understated and aesthetically pleasing not to mention wildly popular online.

4. Cookware​


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Ever heard the saying ‘the best way to a man’s heart is through his tummy’? Well, I think I can safely say this phrase goes for most people and why not make it a joint activity. From cheeseboards to personalised cookbooks the list is endless when it comes to generating intimacy through cooking and dining together. You can purchase this sophisticated yet useful bespoke Cheese Board and Accessories by Personalised By Pic Art on Etsy or a Personalised Olive Wood Copping/Cheese Board cutting and serving board perfect for charcuterie displays when you have guests over. Another unlikely candidate for a kitchen essential is the air fryer and Tower’s Vortex range starts at just £77 and does just the trick. It’s a 5-in-1 with the option of making rotisserie chicken, homemade pizzas and vegetables using the multiple racks available.

5. Candles​



I don’t know any millennial that doesn’t have a posy of candles in their living rooms, dining rooms or bathrooms. Now crowned the staple for self-care routines, from bubble baths to romantic meals you can’t really go wrong as they always add a romantic ambiance to any room in your home. Why not go a step further and personalise it for the married couple, it can become something they use whenever they want to spend some quality time together too.
Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir Home Candle offers a sensual scent to liven things up a little bit as it promises a juicy yet smoky aroma. Or opt for Diptyque’s Roses scented candle and make it valentine's day every day. Popular for a reason, this candle is best known for its lasting power and you don’t need to keep it burning for long to get its coveted scent filing the room. The perfume brand Floral Streets affordable yet lush and dreamy Fireplace Candle is another great option. Think crackling wood, a smoky fire and snuggles under a cashmere blanket, can you think of anything more fitting for a pair of newlyweds?

6. Luggage​


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This is a cool gift for a couple who love to travel, you know have plans for their honeymoon or maybe you want to inspire them to go on an adventure to kickstart their new life together. To be honest, this a perfect gift any couple! You have the classic Tourister which is a low to mid-range price range with the promise of quality and chic. Maybe they are couple on a budget and you happen to be too and Amazon offer a wide range of Amazon Basics Premium Hardside Spinner Luggage and carry-ons with clever compartments and the fit to suit the latest cabin size regulations.

7. Art & Home Décor​


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You don’t need to have the skills of a virtuoso to buy art and it shouldn’t cost a lot either. That’s why the following will make a perfect gift for any young couple. Buying quirky prints is a great choice to brighten up any home and these few examples are not only a great jump off but they are affordable too. You can get something fun like the It’s Love Personalised Print by Eleanor Bowmer. Or you can opt for the classic ‘Blue Nude II’ 1952, by Matisse, which will instinctively create an air of sophistication. Plants have been somewhat of a saviour for people during the pandemic as it allowed us to joy the great outdoors indoors and this aspidistra plant by Patch Plant would make any space beautiful.
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These are really useful and helpful ideas I would definitely use the next time I am attending a wedding. I doubt there's any couple who wouldn't love any of the items on this list.
As someone who's sister recently got married, i think these ideas are pretty helpful. Starting from coffee maker and gifting cookware, every word in this article is absolutely remarkably helpful.


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Coffee machines and toasters are the things I see people giving on weddings. And honestly, they're great gifts to get, because usually you will want to add a toaster anyway, so may as well add it to your registry. Candles are also a good option to go with.


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Coffee machines and toasters are the things I see people giving on weddings. And honestly, they're great gifts to get, because usually you will want to add a toaster anyway, so may as well add it to your registry. Candles are also a good option to go with.
Yeah that seems to be the case for a lot of weddings. I got my brother and his wife a pizza cooker, and they loved that as they like to make their own pizza. But yeah, toaster ovens, crockpots and others are often gifted at weddings.


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I love these ideas. :D

The coffee machine is a great gift idea and something that you know would be useful to the happy couple. Plus, there are so many different types you can get now. I'd love a fancy one with a milk frother on the side :coffee: 🤣


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Thanks for posting OP! I always find gifts that are practical and will be used the best choice, like cookware. (y) I personally wouldn't mind getting a nice set of mugs or a frying pan as a gift