Is regifting a no no or a good way to economise your spending?

Let’s delve.

The multitude of weddings, birthdays and new-borns mingled with an array of pre-event showers, then add on the backdrop of the Pandemic (job losses, furlough etc.) makes gift spending a whole different ball game. We are more thoughtful with how we spend yet we want to seize each day and celebrate each milestone in our friends and families lives.

What if there was a way to lessen the burden of spending? What if I suggested the idea of re-gifting? Would you wince or cringe at the idea of passing down your reject pile onto someone else? And then run the risk of being found out. Yes, these are all reasonable concerns, however what if you have received some beautiful gifts that you know without a doubt that it’s collecting dust as we speak, isn’t it your duty to find it a new home? Instead forcing yourself to hang up that framed art you hate, or add that mismatched cushion on your living room sofa, why not re-gift it to someone that would really appreciate it? Wouldn’t you be doing your friend a favour in making sure that their hard-earned cash wasn’t wasted? Also, you’d be making the re-gifted friend very happy with that new necklace or pair of RayBan sunglasses they’ve always wanted (that you happen to have wrapped and still in its gift bag with a little bow on top).

I know there are a tonne of people who will squirm at the thought of re-gifting and wouldn’t entertain the idea. I completely understand that there are some gifts that you feel uncomfortable giving away, like when you know they’d be REALLY upset if they knew, or if they spend a lot of money and/or effort trying to find something you like and if they expect to see you wear it (I had heaps of ugly earrings my husband bought me for my birthday). But in scenarios where you have somehow accumulated a selection of frames, crockery and clothes that are too late to return or exchange, re-gifting them at the third wedding you've been invited to just seems so logical. Or let's say you have a range of baby clothes still with the tags on that were always too small for your little ones; I'm sure a new mum could find use in it especially since babies grow out of them so quickly. It isn't economical to hoard gifts and spend money on new ones. You just need to make sure you know the recipient would like or appreciate the gift.

There are countless ways to save money, and this is just one of them!

Let me know what you think! Would you ever re-gift? Are you already a covert re-gifter? If so, share your ideas and tips if you have any.​
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Well, if i have something and get gifted the same thing again, I'll definitely re-gift it to someone needing it more. making sure nobody in my family has zero of something that i have two.

Opened eyes.

Re-gifting is a great saving way and helping someone in need.


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Re-gifting is a very thoughtful and a great way to economize and save money. I mean what's the point of keeping something you aren't really using around when it could mean a lot to another person. Re-gifting is an idea I'm totally down with.


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I don't think I've ever regifted something before, but I'm not against the idea! If you get given something that you don't like/want/will ever use, why not give it to someone that'll love it! Seems like a great way to save money and spread joy in the process (y)


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I think regifting is fine to some extent. I wouldn't say gift it to anyone who knows the person who gave the gift to you originally. I think, if you get a gift you don't like, you should be able to give it away to someone else who may enjoy it. I think that's fair. Just keep it secret from the person who gave the gift.


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I think if it's a friend or family member you don't see that often, re-gifting would be fine. As I doubt they would care all too much what you do with your gift. Just wait a while before regifting.