10 Great Subscription Gifts Ideas In The UK

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A gift doesn’t always have to be wrapped in a box and given to the recipient. Sometimes it can be a subscription that could last for weeks or months depending on what package you choose.

Subscription gifts are gifts that keep on giving and they are perfect for when you want to give something special and unique to your loved ones. Below are some of the trendiest subscription gift packages in the UK.

1. Teatime Bookshop​

Perfect gifts for loved ones who are avid readers. This subscription allows you to choose the range of book genres they would like or would want to try. There is also an option of choosing the number of books they should be supplied each month. The choice usually ranges between 1 to 4 books per month. In addition to the books, you also get to select if they would have their books with either tea, coffee or hot chocolate. All the beverages are ethically sourced and enough to last for the month. And guess what? They also provide you with some tasty biscuits in every box. Tell me… isn't that a great gift?

2. Batch Coffee​

A Coffee Subscription Box like Batch Coffee could be an awesome gift you could give to a coffee lover. Batch Coffee has a team of experts that select and send the best coffee to you after sourcing and reviewing a wide variety of coffees from roasters across the UK and Ireland. Another great thing about them is that you can select how frequently you receive your two bags of coffee and if you want them grounded or not. Also, a QR code comes with your coffee for you to check the details of the coffee from their experts.

3. Meg Rivers Cake Club​

Just think for a second, the best freshly baked goodies are delivered at the doorstep of your loved ones every month. Their face lighting up every month because they are blessed with the sweet smell of fresh cake all year long. I tell you, that is one neverending smile you are about to unleash.

4. Birchbox Cosmetics​

An awesome subscription gift you could give yourself or that special lady in your life is a Beauty Subscription Box like Birchbox: which by the way is considered the best in the market. Birchbox are experts at catering to the unique needs of your skin because they provide personalized boxes of products sourced from the information you provided on their website. Also, they give you the freedom to be adventurous with your beauty products by supplying new and exciting items at your doorstep without you suffering exhausting troll around shops at a discount each month.

5. Craft Gin Club​

This is definitely one subscription box gift you should get for yourself or your dearest that adores their cocktails. Every month you are guaranteed to get in your box a full-sized bottle of craft gin, tonics and garnish for the perfect G&T, cocktail of the month ingredients, sweet and savoury treats and 66-page glossy club magazine. Plus you get to enjoy perks such as getting loyalty points with each box and purchase; and access to member pricing on their store & flash sales.

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6. Wild​

You could help save our planet and reward yourself or your beloved at the same time by signing up for an eco-friendly subscription gift box like Wild. Wild pride itself on being sustainable because it is plastic-free, parabens-free, aluminium-free and compostable refills. Tt is highly regarded as effective and sustainable because its products are thoroughly tried, and tested to meet customers’ satisfaction as well as delivered whenever you need it through your letterbox. All you need to get started is first pick any Wild elegant reusable cases, and select any Wild fragrance so they ship it to you as and when you want. It's that easy to be eco-friendly thanks to Wild.

7. Bloom & Wild​

Do you plan to treat yourself to some fresh flowers every month? Or are you the type that doesn’t shy away from reminding your dearest how much you love them every month? Then Bloom & Wild subscription is the one for you. Bloom & Wild boasts a 5-star service that gives you the power to choose which flowers you’d like delivered as well as a flexible payment plan that allows you to either pay now or as you go. And you can change or cancel your subscription anytime you want.

8. Pasta Evangelists​

For pasta lovers who want top-quality pasta, Pasta Evangelists is absolutely the subscription gift you need. They bring freshly, homemade Italian pasta and sauces to your doorstep (some of which are sometimes gotten from Italy). Every week Pasta Evangelists will give you 15 delicious recipes, with each recipe having everything you need to prepare a 5-star pasta dish that includes freshly made pasta, an authentic sauce and delicious garnish. To enjoy this, all you have to do is first pick a pasta from 15 delicious recipes, after which your choice is delivered to you the next day, and finally, you just follow their easy instructions to prepare delicious pasta at the comfort of your home. Isn't that so yummy?

9. Pikt Fresh Food Delivery Service​

Pikt Seasonal Mixed Fruit, Veg and Salad Box is the ultimate fruit and veg subscription box you need. Pikt delivers to your doorstep an astonishing 60 pieces of fruit, vegetable and salad at a drop, which is why they are considered the biggest fruit and veg box on the market. They are plastic-free and everything they deliver to you is 100% organic as certified by the Soil Association. They offer free delivery to the UK Mainland, seven days a week with a delivery frequency of either one-off, weekly, fortnightly, or month.

10. Cosy Craft Club​

Lastly, you could subscribe to Cosy Craft Club if you’ve got a creative person in your life or it could be you. These new craft skills are exciting and include weaving, lino printing, knitting, tie-die or macrame that are delivered to you at home.

The whole process works by Cosy Craft Club first informing you on the 20th of each month what the new craft of the next month will be, then you subscribe by the end of the month to receive the carefully selected kit for the next month’s new craft.

Later, Cosy Craft Club will on the first Monday of the next month deliver those selected kits and available resources you will need to start learning the new craft. With Cosy Craft Club, you are sure to unleash the inner genius waiting to be free.
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The craft gin box :love:

I’ve never thought about giving someone a subscription as a gift before - what a great idea! These boxes would make for brilliant Christmas gifts. It'd space out the costs and give long-lasting presents!
This article is such an extensive research on UK subscriptions that having lived half my life in UK, I definitely missed it. but as soon as i return, i will start giving these gifts to my family who are tea and coffee lovers. starting with myself and gifting me a stick deodorant, of course.


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This is so thoughtful. Gifting any one a subscription will definitely put you on that persons' mind for quite a while and its something to remember you by. I would definitely like to try out that pasta evangelists though....looks so yummy🤤