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15 Beautiful Matching Christmas Pyjamas Ideas For Your Family

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Christmas! The season of love and joy and wholesome family bonding is here again! Last year, unfortunately, we had to spend the entire holiday isolated from each other but thank the Lord for vaccines because this year it will be different. This year, we will have all our family members and friends together in one...

yyo-Show, the show that celebrates every yyovver!

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yyovvo is built by you! That's why you are worth a celebration. This is a show that celebrates all yyovvers! Whether you sell on the marketplace, run gigs on the...

How to Get the Most Out of Black Friday Sales

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One of the most competitive shopping days there is, is Black Friday. The origins of the day can be traced back to the mid 1960s in America and over the years it has become synonymous with the huge bargains that shoppers might be able to find in the stores on this day, and the ensuing fights that have been known to take place between shoppers looking to grab a...

I'm a yyovver!....Introduce yourself.

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Hey yyovver! welcome ! 🤗 yyovvo is all about community and spreading love 💕 . We want to know you and welcome you to this awesome community. We cant wait to know you, introduce yourself. Dont just make a cheesed off entrance, 👨‍🎤 arrive in style and announce your appearance ! Without reservation, tell other yyovvers who you are...

The Best Personalised Christmas Gifts

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best personalised christmas gifts.pngNothing beats a custom-made Christmas gift at this time of year... As Christmas approaches, finding a thoughtful present that is both unique and personal may be a challenge. The best-personalised presents for ladies, your friends, and men have been selected from the internet because everyone deserves a special present on...

All I want for Christmas...

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My favourite all time Christmas song is the forum heading :), makes for an easy post! Anyone with me on this one?
What is your favourite Christmas song?

Best beauty advent calendars of 2021!

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The best beauty advent calendars for Christmas 2021!

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It’s that time of the year again for beauty lovers nationwide where we scramble to join waiting lists and subscribe to emails to get the latest drop of beauty advents before they go out of stock (usually within...

The best tips for staying under budget during Christmas

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Did you know almost one trillion pounds are spent each year on Christmas? Where does that go? How many gifts does each family member buy? What's the average amount spent by each person on Christmas?​
Christmas is a time of...

10 stylish Christmas decorations you won’t be able to resist this year

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If you’re looking for stylish ways to decorate your home this Christmas, then look no further! Here are ten stylish Christmas decorations you won’t be able to resist.​

1. Gift-wrapped bookshelves​

A trendy way of decorating your bookshelves at Christmas is to wrap up your...

Do you grab stuff for Christmas throughout the year or when it's close?

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I have a habit of finding fun things in stores and buying them to give to friends and or family later. Usually it's small trinkets and knick-knacks and sometimes it's fun collectibles and action figures. I have a lot of nieces and nephews who are around the ages of 8 to 15, and they all have different tastes in toys and things. So, I was thinking I would buy...